International transport – Brazil

Brazil It is a well-known and popular tourist destination, so international airlines always take it into account when programming their international flights.

Air Europe

Among the companies that offer flights to Brazil are: Iberia, Air Europe, Argentinian airlines, air France, American Airlines, KLM, LAN-Chile, British Airways Y TAP Air Portugal. In the same way there are Brazilian airlines that have flights from different parts of the world and that are destined for the South American country. These airlines are: Varig (RG), VASP (VP) and TAM (KK).

Due to the vastness of the Brazilian territory, most cities connect through flights and many of them come from international destinations.

With respect to international busesThey are also a convenient way to get to Brazil. In a bus we can find a road to move from U.S to Brazil.

Usually these types of trips are comparatively cheaper than international flights, but, they have against the time duration that is usually very wide, for example, a land trip from Rio de Janeiro until Buenos AiresArgentina, it takes no less than 44 hours. Which means a trip of almost two days, something that must be taken into account to plan the route well, especially if you have short break.

Traveling to Brazil will always be more comfortable by plane, but if you are one of the tourists who plan to take a tour of the Latin American countries, you may want to enjoy the privileged view that will grant you a tour of the land.

In the following video you can make a virtual tour for him airport in Brazil:

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