International transport – Denmark

As in all countries, international transport par excellence is the plane. In Denmark there is no variation. The airport most important is that of Copenhagen, but not the only one, although this is the capital of Denmark you can land in another city that you also want to know. Located 8km from the city, this airport is the busiest among all Nordic countries, you can find flights that arrive and travel to the rest of Europe, the Middle East or Singapore.

Copenhagen Airport

To get from the airport to the city center, you will have available buses, taxis, subway, and trains that are located in the different terminals. In the facilities you can find various press posts, and where they sell souvenirs, it consists of a play area, diaper changing room, as well as a transit hotel.

Another important and international airport in Denmark is that of Aarhus, located in the town of Tirstrup, is 36 km away from the city that bears the same name. Flights usually arrive and depart to Europe, in its facilities you can count on a bank, currency exchange bureau, ATMs, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Aarhus airport

Finally, the international airport that is in the city of Aalborg, located in the town of Norresundby, 6 km., from the city center. It has only one terminal, therefore it will be very difficult to get lost. Several flights operate to Europe, and its facilities include a business center and meeting room.

Aalborg airport

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