International Transport – England

We can reach England with all kinds of international transport because it is a knot of maritime and air traffic on the planet.

In plane We can fly to its many international airports. In London the Heathrow International Airport It is the busiest in Europe. It had a passenger volume of almost 70 million in 2008. It is 24 km west of the city.

Heathrow Airport

The London Gatwick Airport, 45 km to the south, is the second in the country. And that of London-Stansted It is the one that receives more low cost flights from all over Europe and is in Essex, 48 km from London.

Ferry from Bilbao

It is possible to arrive by ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth, and from Santander to Plymouth. The port of Southampton is one of the most important in the world.


By train or by car we can arrive using the Eurotunnel that crosses the Channel of La Mancha in 35 minutes through its 50 km in length. The Paris-London journey takes 2,20 hours.

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