International transport – French Polynesia

The airlines most important in the world arrive at Faa´a International Airport from Papeete, only five kilometers from the center, the journey is approximately fifteen minutes. Its facilities include banks, exchange offices, restaurants, etc. To get to or from the airport you can take a taxi, although they are a bit expensive. That is why it is better to opt for Le Truck, a picturesque means of transporting green wood bodywork.

Tahiti Faa'a International Airport

If you are planning to travel to the French Polynesia We recommend you take note of the following airlines that are the ones that operate daily in the country. Aircalin, Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, Air New Zealand, Lan Airlines. Luckily this magical destination, despite being hidden is easy to reach, if you are in Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Santiago de Chile or Paris, surely there is a flight waiting for you.

Air France arrives in French Polynesia

Another way to get there is through the port of Papeete, international cruises arrive daily on the island, it is the gateway to start the tour. It will definitely not be easy to get to this heavenly place but if you plan your trip you can find good deals in the tourist flights.

International cruise

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