International Transportation – Ireland

The most common way of entering Ireland is by plane. Proof of this is that the island has 4 important international airports. These are:

  • Dublin (County of Dublin, to the east): The eighth largest airport in Europe is the most connected in the country. It has flights to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Shannon (County of Clare, to the west): Ireland’s second airport also has flights to the aforementioned countries and regions, because of the frequency and volume is lower.
  • Cork (County of Cork, to the south): Its main connections are with the United Kingdom and the main airports in Europe.
  • Knock (County of May, to the northwest): It also has the United Kingdom between its connections, but includes Boston and New York, as well as charter flights to various destinations in Europe.

Dublin Airport

Ireland’s main international airlines are:

  • Ryanair: Low cost airline Irish with agreements with the Low Cost European Airlines Association. It has 220 Boeing 737 which allows it to have 350 routes in 147 airports of the world, with bases in several of them. His website is as follows:

Ireland airline

The seaway is also widely used. There are several services from the United Kingdom and France. The main companies of ferries They are:

  • Norfolkline: It has freight and passenger services from Liverpool to Dublin.
  • Stena line: Connect Holyhead, in North Wales, with Dublin. And Fishguard, south Wales, with Rosslare.
  • Irish Ferries and Britanny Ferries: Provide service from France (Roscoff or Cherbourg in the north) with Rosslare and Cork.

Ireland Ferry

For obvious geographical reasons, international transport in train Y bus It is limited to Northern Ireland. In the case of the train there is only one service Belfast to Dublin jointly administered by Irish Rail and Northean Ireland Railways. As for buses, the main companies are the Norwegian Ulsterbus and the Irish Bus Éireann.

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