International Transportation – Turkey

The international transport for get to turkey We can do it by different means.

By train:

From the most important European capitals leave trains to Istanbul. Turkey is affiliated with the program `Balkan Flexipass´ of the Euro Rail.

By highway:

Turkey's road network is very wide and is in good condition. The European roads E 80 and E 90 They go through Turkey. To reach from Western Europe, there are two ways. One is for Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The other, through Belgium, Austria and Italy (Genoa Venice) and once there, take a ferry to Istanbul or Izmir.
There are roads that arrive from Greece, Iran and Iraq. You can travel in regular bus services from France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
The distance between Madrid and Istanbul is 4,500 kilometers.

By sea:

Numerous companies arrive from ferries from Italy, Cyprus and the Greek Islands to the ports of the Turkish coast. The companies of cruise ships They include Turkish ports in their tourist routes.

By air:

The main Turkish airline is Turkish Airlines which links Turkey with the rest of the world from the airports of Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Adana, Dalaman and Trabzon.

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