Interprovincial transport – Belgium

Belgium It is a country of privileged geographical location in Europe. It is possible to travel by bus, train, subway, tram or car. Interprovincial flights are few because the country is small. Interprovincial buses are used.

Traveling by bus can be a bit expensive service. But you can buy your tickets online, combined tickets and at discounted prices. One of the oldest bus companies in Brussels is the STIB, travels through the region of Brussels – Capital and other peripheral municipalities.


Among the Flemish and Walloon bus companies we have TEC and De Lijn. TEC Y From Lijn They are the main bus companies in Belgium. TEC buses operate in the south of Walloon, crossing the Brussels Region. The various De Lijn bus lines operate in Flanders, connected to Brussels.

From Lijn, is the company founded by the government of Belgium in 1991, provides public transport to the country with the aim of reducing the country’s terrible traffic. It is composed of trams and buses. In 2007, it carried more than 483 million passengers. Interprovincial transport provides it , it takes you to cities or towns where trains do not arrive.

Transportation- Brussels

Due to the dense rail network, this transport links the big cities with the small communities. Travel time is almost double that of a train trip, as it passes through various villages.

The prices are the same for any type of trip. In the entire Flanders territory people over 65 do not pay a travel ticket. People under 25 have discounts.

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