Interprovincial Transport – Germany

The communication between 16 states of Germany It has been facilitated by the wide network of communication channels.

Germany Airport

The railways, roads and highways have managed to unite all cities and the large number of airports and airlines who have now managed to shorten the distances between them.

Travel to Germany

There are twelve international airports in Germany, but there are many more that provide national services, such as:

Baden-Baden / Karlsruhe Airport
Berlin Metropolitan Area
Berlin-Schönefeld airport
Berlin Tegel International Airport
Berlin-Tempelhof airport
Bremen airport
Cologne / Bonn Airport
Dortmund airport
Dresden Airport
Düsseldorf Airport
Niederrhein Airport
Erfurt airport
Frankfurt Airport
Hahn airport
Hamburg airport
Hanover Airport
Cologne Bonn Airport
Leipzig-Altenburg Airport
Leipzig / Halle Airport
Lübeck airport
Mönchengladbach airport
Munich Airport
Münster / Osnabrück Airport
Nuremberg Airport
Padeborn Lippstadt Airport
Rostock-Laage Airport
Saarbrücken Airport
Stuttgart airport

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