Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland

Now in March we invite you to travel to Ireland to celebrate one of the biggest festivities and typical of Irish traditions since 432 in honor of the saint who was born in one of the Scottish towns of greater cultural renown, in the town of Killatrick located in Dunbriton and the beautiful city of Glasgow.


The day of Saint Patrick in IrelandIt is a high commemoration for Patricio who lived in extreme poverty and gave himself to the spiritual life, renouncing earthly pleasures and sharing his life with the needy. Around the celebrations of St. Patrick, many stories and legends are told as the most popular of why in Ireland despite being a wet and cold land full of nature there are no snakes since as St. Patrick says they scare them away to save the little ones …

Saint Patrick's day

The interesting thing is the great atmosphere of celebration and tradition that brings the celebration of St. Patrick on March 17, where the Irish dress in their best clothes, they let themselves listen to instruments like the Bagpipes of Ireland and the distilled products run in great quantity through the streets full of exquisite banquets!

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