Irish bars

They are one of the most popular in Europe for foreigners and locals. In Spain there are many irish bars and they are usually an excellent meeting point with people of various nationalities.

Among the best activities is watching sports on television, participating in theme nights and enjoying food.

irish bars

Barcelona It is one of the cities with more than 20 Irish bars, among the main ones are:

The Fastnet It is run by Irishmen and has a wonderful structure. It has a terrace with a wonderful view, both outside and inside the bar, directly towards the TV.

P. Flaherty. It is very popular for meetings, it has delicious food and live music.

In Madrid The main Irish bars are:

Dubliners It is very traditional for having authentic pieces of furniture. Here you will enjoy special cocktails, as well as very ingenious drinks.

irish bar

The James Joyce It began in the 50s and is currently considered for its beautiful stained glass windows and its varied menu.

O’Connells. It has drink offers, as well as special discounts on some events.

Fontanilla Tavern. In the absence of food, this bar serves the best Irish coffee.

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