Jerez Zoo

Also known as the Jerez Zoobotanic or Alberto Durán Botanical Garden, this zoo combines the exhibition of animals in natural environments and a lavish botanical garden.

Sherry Elephant Zoo

The zoo is located Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) and to date it has 55,000 square meters of land and continues to expand. In fact it is expected that in the future it will triple its extension.

Sherry Flamingos Zoo

Its facilities are part of the old town of Jerez, where it was born in 1889, as an alternate construction on the city’s water tanks. Over the years this space called Tempul Gardens, was transformed first into public gardens and later into a botanical garden.

The important and characteristic aspect of this park is the duality that it manages both at the symbiotic level of animals and plants and in the exhibition since in many of the park’s facilities you can find plants labeled within the spaces for animals.

Jerez Zoo

On display it can be found from the Cedar of the Himalayas even some Araar as part of the botanical samples, and the Red Panda as one of the many members of the animal family that inhabits the zoo.

Tickets to the zoo have a cost of € 9 for adults and it is totally free for seniors.

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