Culture and traditions

Jewish customs

One of the most sustained customs over time, are those practiced by the Jews. And the basis for these is their religion that is rooted in each of them.

The black clothes of the rabbis: It is used to show humility and modesty. And that is imitated by many Jews who wear a jacket and pants of that color. This custom is indicated in its laws (Shulján Aruj).

Guest Reception: The book of the Mishnah indicates the good treatment that a Jew should have with his neighbor. Being the best possible attention according to your possibilities.

The kipa: In Spanish it is known as solideo, and the meaning given to its use is to remember that there is always someone over us: God.

Breaking a glass: When the Jews get married they have a habit of breaking a glass wrapped in a white handkerchief is to remember the Sacred Temple, which is destroyed

When they die: The abbreviation ZL – zijronó liberajá – which means in Hebrew language is remembered for blessing, is placed in its tiles.

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