Kayak adventure through Menorca!

A quite popular experience that intends the trip to the island of Menorca by Kayak, traveling a distance of 170 kilometers through the calm waters, where you can easily access some caves and caves, in addition to enjoying the delicate sway of the water by gently rocking the ship.


Menorca declared a biosphere reserve in 1993 has 45% of its territory in a protected state, so that attractive landscapes are enjoyed throughout the tour.

The usual way of doing the tour is in stages, most tour operators will embark on a series of 9 stages, in which you will enjoy outdoor camping, hiking through virgin forests, lost between caves and islets. Starting from the north of the island.


If you did not have the necessary time to take the stage tour, we recommend you rent a kayak and venture around the coast with guided half-day or weekend tours, preferably during the spring and mid-autumn seasons, where you can enjoy with great pleasure aboard the Kayak!

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