Kayak Courses

On many occasions those people who love this sport, either because they have practiced it or just to see it. They can be encouraged to have a pair of classes, which are never too much to know much better handling.

kayaking courses at rest

The best way to learn is to realize that you will enter a world of sea voyages, and to be able to handle it correctly you must be very pleasant.

kayaking courses entering the sea

The essential requirement is to know how to swim, and have done, even a few days before, some arm and waist exercises, so that the practice movements do not end up being very sharp.

kayaking courses practicing

The full Kayak course is 5 days. Where it is taught a theoretical class with pictures and videos, the movement and development in the kayak just by the shore, start with a little tour and the last two days is where the movement of the rapids is practiced on the track.

kayaking courses

It is not necessary to take the 5-day course, although it is recommended, that package is around 75 euros per person.

Kayak class

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