Kayak descent

The kayak It is an extreme sport that is usually practiced both in rivers and at sea. The boats, called kayaking, are usually for one, two or up to three people.

Kayak descent

Each of them must carry the necessary equipment So that the safety is complete, in case there is any mishap with the canoe and above all they must know how to swim, that is the main requirement.

Rapid kayak descent

First of all they must have followed some basic courses to learn to paddle, navigate and, above all, descend in certain areas of the routes they will travel.

Downhill kayak coordination

For this the coordination must be very good, to avoid losing your balance and falling, turning the kayak and by default falling into the sea.

Kayaking descent carefully

It is always important to try to do it very carefully, since the smoothness in moments is difficult since the route is in full fast, and in many occasions the descents are usually the strongest parts.

Descent of the river Sella in the town of Ribadesella.

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