Kayak in Asturias

August is a good month to practice the kayak In the town of Arriondas in Asturias, since it is here that there are several groups that usually spread this sport, and in turn provide their school services to learn and practice.

Kayak in Asturias

It is important that this extreme sport It is directed by fully trained people, and also provide the necessary equipment to be able to do it, especially for those people or groups that perform it for the first time.

Two-person kayak in Asturias

Some of the boats, called kayak that are shaped like canoes, They can go from one to 3 people.

Kayak in Asturias kayak of 3 people

Before embarking and traveling the chosen route, travelers are instructed by the manager, teaching the correct way to paddle and the maximum time it takes to reach the end of the route, which in most times can not be more than four hours.

Kayaking in Asturias resting

During the tour it is necessary to be able to rest on the shore for a few minutes, even go ashore and have a drink or eat something in the kiosks that are some distance from the bridges that cross.

Kayaking in Playa del Aguilar in Asturias.

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