Kayak in Cantabria

The bays in Cantabria They are the ideal places to practice free kayaking. You just have to decide to go alone or accompanied, so you can enjoy a great moment of relaxation and excitement with this extreme sport.

Kayak in Cantabria

The scenarios with really magical and extreme fun.

Kayak in Cantabria route

For this you can use the common kayaks, or self-emptying, which are usually more comfortable for the tour, as well as a little safer, although it must be recognized that in this sport you never know, and it is always good to be very careful in each movement, not only ours but also of the waters.

Kayak in Cantabria descent

It is always recommended to know how to swim and wear comfortable clothes that you are willing to wet, apart from your clothes to change.

Kayak in Cantabria Sunset

Kayaking in the Cubas area in Cantabria.

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