Kayak in Valencia

It is not necessary to have previous experience to venture down the river in a kayak, this type of small boat in which the ‘driver’ sits facing the front and uses a two-paddle paddle to maintain balance and move forward.

kayaking in Valencia

There is river kayaks, from whitewater, of track, of sea, rodeo, polo, etc. In Valencia, the traveler can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Cabriel river by kayak.

Kayak in Valencia following the route

In a whitewater kayak You can descend several sections according to the level and flow. With him, the adventurer can feel the emotion of the movement and learn the basic maneuvers of this sport, the canoeing, which includes propulsion management, driving, abandonment of the kayak, etc.

Kayak in Valencia sailing

The tour lasts approximately two hours and it covers the stretches of Tamayo, Tete and Las Cárceles.

Kayak in Valencia in action

At a more advanced level, those interested will tour the canyon of the sickles, and quickly The chaos, Purgatory Y El Paredón, for an average of four hours.

Kayak in Valencia descending

Many of the excursions have an average cost of 35 euros per person, which includes the safety talk and the teaching of rowing.

Descent by the Cabriel river, Hoces del cabriel.

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