The kayaking it is nothing less than the sport that is performed with the kayak, this is how it is normally called by the vessel that is used.


The kayak, which is a kind of canoe, is the main thing to be able to perform this sport, since it is with what you can glide in the water, be it the sea or a river.

kayaking practicing

But it is necessary to know that for this sport there are various types of kayaking, depending on where you are going to practice, such as: of salmon, polo, whitewater and tourism, In addition to a special equipment that serves to protect the athlete, such as the helmet, the vest, is even attached to the kayak.

Sportsman kayaking with the necessary equipment

It’s very important take the necessary classes, to be able to learn everything necessary to get the skill and dexterity that is required, to be prepared for the trip in the rapids, which ends up being a great adventure.

A demonstration of this sport.

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