Kensington Gardens – London

The gardens of Kensington, one of the Royal Gardens from London, it has 111 hectares. Created in 1689, Kensington Gardens stand out for their tree-lined avenues and flower-lined paths. In it is the Kensington Palace, home of Princess Diana and birthplace of Queen Victoria.

Kensington Palace Gardens

From the station Lancaster, from the subway, we are welcomed by Italian Gardens with its ornamental fountains and statues.
This park houses the Albert Memorial in honor of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, and the Memorial to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Physical energy

The avenues lined with impressive trees and flower beds lead us through the park to the statue of Peter Pan and the Physical energy, The statue of George F. Watts.
Near the Round pond with its beautiful swans and the possibility of taking a boat ride.
Later the Serpentine Gallery, which houses samples of contemporary art.

Kensington Gardens

For the children, the Diana, Princess of Wales’Memorial Playground It is a fantastic adventure, with a pirate ship among its attractions.

Tennis, hiking, horseback riding, cycling or boating are the opportunities that this park offers its visitors. And the possibility of sunbathing or having a picnic when the weather accompanies.

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