Kew Gardens – London

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew are located in Richmond upon Thames, southwest of London. They belong to the Royal Parks and for their great wealth they were recognized as Heritage of humanity by unesco.

Kew Gardens Greenhouse

We could say that their 120 hectares They are a museum of plants, landscapes, art and buildings. Although it is actually a botanical research institute and the main plant cataloging center. It’s one of the seed banks most important in the world. Walking through its gardens and greenhouses you can see the more than 50,000 species they cultivate with care.

Kew Gardens map

Kew is to visit in any season of the year. In spring, daffodils, crocuses and tulips bloom. In early summer, azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias and cherry blossoms stand out. In autumn the color is incomparable. And in the winter some plums bloom and we can visit the seven greenhouses and the art gallery.

Kew Gardens

The greenhouses most prominent are: the Victorian Palm House which is the best iron and crystal structure in England; the Temperate House which is the largest greenhouse in the world, and the recent Princess of Wales Conservatory With ten climatic zones. In one corner of the land is the Pagoda 50 meters high that has become the symbol of Kew.

You can arrive by train or subway from London to Kew Gardens station. Or if you prefer it in ship, by the Thames. Admission is paid. Despite being open all year, check the opening hours, depending on the time you visit it there may be closed areas.

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