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La Defense de Paris

Located on the west side of Paris, is known as the business district.

La Defense in Paris

It is made up of offices in all the buildings that exist there, but it also consists of beautiful hanging gardens and many works of art that can be observed outdoors.

the defense at night

His name is due to the monument La Defense, which was built honoring the soldiers of the Franco-Prussian War.

the defense statue

Another representative monument of the district is the Fraternity Arch or Defense Arch. It is a hypercube of 110 meters high, 108 wide and 112 deep.

Arc de la Defense in Paris

Its exterior is covered with opaque glass and its interior is white marble. It has an elevator to go to the top where the La Defense district conference center is located.

defense arch

The extension of the district goes from Louvre to the Neuilly Bridge.

La Defense the most modern district of Paris.

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