Land Transport – Basque Country

The railway It is one of the main land communication routes of Basque Country.All the capitals of the three provinces and some Basque towns have train stations that connect the interior of the Basque Country Y Spain.

There are three options of train:

Transport in bus revolves around the 3 axes of the provincial capitals: the Vitoria-Gasteiz bus station, Termibus Intermodal Station (Bilbao), Donostia-San Sebastián bus station. The main companies are ALSA, Bilman Bus, PESA and La Unión.

In car, the internal roads are fluid and safe thanks to a wide network of roads with multiple access roads to the highways that link the main Basque cities.

The freeways most important are:

  • A-8: It passes from the entrance by Behobia (on the border with France) until its exit by Muskiz towards Cantabrian territory. They are 136.2 kilometers across the provinces of Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya.
  • AP-68: They are 69km that cross the Basque country from north to south, by Biscay and Álava. Connect Bilbao with towns of Basque Country.
  • AP-1: Une Eibar, in Guipúzcoa, with Vitoria. It has a total of 46.2 kilometers.

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