Landscapes of Uruguay

The country of Uruguay It has many scenic attractions for the common traveler. Among them are:

Punta del Este: Summer neighborhood par excellence, it is known by the locals also as «Peninsula». It has among its attractions a Lighthouse of 43 meters. high that was built by Tomás LibarenaIt also has the beautiful Rambla both night and day, typical houses and nowadays much more modern apartment buildings.

Here we can find a port of great infrastructure.

Termas del Arapey: It is perhaps the most important Salta hot spring, which due to its constant visits by tourists from all over the world has developed an important hotel industry. The landscape it is the most beautiful because it is abundant in flora And very exotic.

Cabo Polonio: Belongs to Rocha Department and it is basically a 35 kms micro desert. long approximately. It has beautiful dunes over 30 meters high, unique in Uruguay and picturesque because they are mobile dunes that are characterized by being erected depending on the wind direction.

The Uruguay have a landscape tourism Phenomenal with abundant amenities and varying prices for all types of travelers.

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