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Languages ​​spoken in China

China It is one of the countries with the greatest economic, tourism and cultural potential; A great nation for a great people. However, leaving aside the history, the typical dishes and the dances of the country, we venture to know a little more about the different dialects They are spoken in different regions of this Asian country.

When talking about languages ​​and dialects spoken in China, we must specify that despite the existence of a variety of classifications for Chinese dialects, everything really depends on the type of writing and the intelligibility criteria for decipher the language in which you are talking.

First of all we have Mandarin Chinese as the most traditional and the most spoken language in the whole north, southwest and central china. In total there are about 836 million people who use Mandarin Chinese in their daily speaking and with native language. Increasing this figure daily with the boom that has emerged around this language.

After the Mandarin Chinese we have the wu, one of the main chinese dialects which originated at the time when China was divided at the end of the Han Dynasty. Precisely, the wun refers to one of the reigns of that time. Today it is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the south of Asian country.

If we talk about Cantonese or yuè, it is important to mention that it is directly related to one of the oldest reigns in the Guangdong Province. That is why the name has an abbreviated reference to the name of the same province.

Finally, within the main Chinese dialects, we will mention the min, a language that has a lot of variations and particular styles (especially in the northern part of China): the name of min corresponding to one of the ancient kingdoms of the Fujian province.

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