Las Cumbres – Gran Canaria

The Protected Landscape of Las Cumbres It extends over a very important sector in the north and northeast of the Gran Canaria Island, in the municipalities of Artenara, Gáldar, Guía, Moya, Tejeda, Valleseco, Valsequillo and San Mateo.

Their 4,329 hectares The summits where the headwaters of the ravines are grouped and the most important water basins of the region are born, being the highest area of ​​the island, above 1,500 meters, and including the Las Nieves Peak with its 1,950 meters. It is an area of ​​great scenic beauty and high ecological sensitivity.

Treasure the wooded masses from the northern slope of Gran Canaria, with a majority of Canarian pine and repopulated flagship pine. It is highly valued endemic flora which houses, among which there are broom, tabaibas bitter and taginaste, the silver daisy must stand out, protected by law.

Has important traces left by the human presence, such as traditional roads and bridges of the nineteenth century, and irrigation works And the mills. Sheep are currently raised and famous Guide Flower Cheese. We can also see archaeological sites located in natural caves, although currently they are of cattle use.
Be sure to visit the Caldera de los Pinos viewpoint, from Gáldar, It is a very interesting place.

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