Leon ski slopes

If we travel to León and we are fond of snow sports, we can take advantage to stay at some of the ski resorts that are in this destination such as the San Isidro station and the Morredero station. Next, in Viajesjet, we detail the services and snow sports that we can practice on these ski slopes.

Ski resorts in León

San Isidro ski center

San Isidro is one of the most popular ski centers in León, it is even considered to be in Spain. It has more than twenty kilometers of ski slopes where we can enjoy this sport regardless of the level of learning we are, even if we have never skied, we can receive classes with expert monitors.

Skiing in León

This winter season is one of the most important in the Cantabrian Mountains and has ideal spaces for skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Its capacity is for more than eleven thousand people per hour and, if we are looking to experiment with the freeride modality (skiing without a defined route) in San Isidro we will have three preferred spaces for practitioners of this modality, the same ones called: «The Tubes of the Toneo», «The Valley of Silence» and «Pico Agujas».

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El Morredero ski center

Skiing in San Isidro

The Morredero is located in the Leonese town of Ponferrada and has seven skiable kilometers, which are divided into eight tracks: two for beginners, two for intermediate skiers, two for expert skiers and one for extreme skiers.

Currently, this ski resort is in the process of expansion with what we will have a more complete ski lift, chairlifts and better accessibility. In addition, a snack area and a building where the customer service area and the new cafeteria will be located will be included.

Web: El Morredero ski center

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