Let’s celebrate the Carmona fair

Near Seville, road to Cordoba. The livestock celebration takes place during the month of May, whose festivities began in 1466 by Enrique IV of Castile. Standing out for the huge size and quantity of its fixed booths.

Carmona City

The party where cowboy domes are held, a cheerful and entertaining show to watch, people dress in their best clothes, women in the area dressed in faralás, the town is full of colors, parades are seen throughout the streets giving way from the door of Cordoba, where we see beautiful horses trotting, streets full of happy songs and parties, with the air of smell of incense and rosemary where the bells give way to ring the celebration.

Carmona party

When walking through the city it is essential to visit the gate of Cordoba and the Alcazar gate of Seville, buildings that resemble facades of huge castles in medieval times. In addition to the palaces of Marques de las Torres, the Rueda Palace

Carmona Arch

It is worth mentioning that this fair is quite similar to the Seville fair in April, due to the colorful costumes of the region.

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