Let’s travel as a family to Musango

Mosango a Safari camp to enjoy with the family, located in Africa, on the banks of the Matusadona National Park, offers us an abundance of wildlife in all its environments and in a show close to the visitor.

Wildlife moss

Wildlife moss

With a great variety of animals from water buffalo, huge elephants to the gigantic and unique black rhinos. Musango is also known for being a center of care and conservation of the peculiar Platypus mammals, in addition to a huge number of bird species flying above our heads, which we can observe very closely even perched on the windows of our cabins, comfortable and fresh built in a style very typical of the region, triangular and with hammocks for anyone who enjoys relaxation! With its windows facing wildlife and the lake and its mountains.

The Musango Safari Camp, is ideal for a good weekend, where you can enjoy various outdoor activities such as swimming, running on horseback, for the little ones to be able to touch the small wild animals, as well as to know a little more of the history in the paleontological museums of the park.

It is an adventure without risks to enjoy with the family, and learn more about these few accessible kingdoms.

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