Let's travel to know the New 7 Wonders of the World!

A project that took place 4 years ago. Initiative of the Swiss-born filmmaker, Mr. Bernard Weber who is already traveling the world in search of the most significant creations.

Seven Wonders

His project aims to reunite cultures and achieve seven symbols that identify the unity of the world, representing its cultural diversity.

Among its many wonders, lists of 111 possibilities are registered, where all participations have aspects of architectural, cultural interest among others that make it unique and incomparable. Besides that they had their space and you on the Internet.

Of course the possible wonders were welcomed and evaluated by the jury chaired by the former director of UNESCO, Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza. In a ceremony that was given space at the Stadium of Light in Lisbon. Where an endless number of people gathered, who met their ideals and expectations about the act that resembled the reception of the Olympic games, giving great importance and memorable participation to each of the 7 wonders.

Here they are:

1- City of Petra, Jordan.

2- Chinese wall.

3- Taj Mahal.

4- Roman Colosseum.

5- Chichón Itzá, Mexico.

6- Machu Pichu, Peru.

7- Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro.

The 7 wonders "height =" 167

So to pack our bags and dedicate at least one visit a year to each of the 7 wonders that await us!

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