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Let’s travel to the New Wonder: The Alhambra, Granada

As we have read previously in our article where we commented on the new seven wonders of the world, a project initiated by the Swiss filmmaker Mr. Bernard Weber, who since 4 years ago traveled the world in search of new wonders by fostering spaces on the Internet to vote For the best places.

The Alhambra

Now it is the turn of the monumental Alhambra in Granada, located on the top of the Sabika hill. Which today is one of the monuments with the greatest possibilities to become one of the new seven wonders of the world. Where its walled enclosure stands out, 5 Nasrid palaces, Partal, Comares, Lions, Mohamed V and Yusuf III dating from the thirteenth – sixteenth centuries.

When you reach the top, you have the feeling of having transported some time in a romantic blackberry legend. Inside you can see invaluable objects, such as a room decorated with a fine touch, such as the Golden Room, of tiled tile sockets. Or the huge courtyard of the Arrayanes. In addition to them, the impressive room of the Ambassadors, from where you can see a spectacular view that Yusuf III surely enjoyed from his throne.


At the source of Lions, run a plain of columns across its patio. From here four gutters depart, which they say are the four rivers of paradise. In the castle we can see small gifts of water, which run along the slopes of the terraces flooded by delicate aromas that recall a feeling of happiness and tranquility.


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