Let's travel to the New Wonder: The Great Wall of China

Along the horizon of the Chinese landscape. It extends for 7300 kilometers in length, named ChΓ‘ng Cheng (long fortress) dating back 22 centuries. Today one of the 7 new wonders of the world!

The Great Wall of China

The wall was built with the aim of protecting the Chinese empire against the wild tribes that strolled through the north but then it became a huge jewel of the power of the Chinese empire. Which served its purpose for many consecutive years. Today, the most famous area is Beijing, located in the town of Badaling.

Over the years its structure has been maintained in good condition, having been renewed a couple of times in the present. Although in some parts of the wall, graffiti is seen, and there are missing rocks that have been used to renovate houses near the wall, as well as large extensions that have been removed for preventing the passage for important mobilizations.

The Great Wall of China

Despite the weight of time and the year, the Great Wall of China still maintains its mystery and impressive majesty.

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