Let's travel to the New Wonder: The TaJ Mahal

The Tah Mahal is probably one of the feats that represent love, greater and more significant today. Today one of the 7 new wonders of the world!

Taj Mahal

Located in Agra a small town in the mystical and illuminated complex of India. The temple was built as a devotion for the love of Emperor Sha Jahan, for his beloved Arjumand who after several persecutions by the family and disappointments by the emperor's wives met in marriage after 5 years of their first encounter. The emperor filled his beloved day and night with presents and beauties. Until their relationship was severed by the death of his beloved after a series of complicated deliveries.

Taj Mahal

From this date the command to build the most impressive Mausoleum that no one in his mortal life has ever appreciated … the Taj Mahal!

After two decades of construction where the remains of the beloved were buried, and years later there also rest with his beloved emperor. A work of devotion and eternal love in the eyes of the visitor!

Taj Mahal

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