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Liquids in hand luggage

As we mentioned in our post Ryanair hand luggage, preparing the luggage of our trip (both the hand and the one that will go in the hold of the plane) is just as important as another coordination or procedure prior to our boarding. In relation to hand luggage, in recent years there have been modifications within the regulations of what is or is not allowed in it in order to avoid any type of threat inside the plane.

Since the end of 2006 new ones have been applied safety rules In all airports belonging to the European Union (including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), these are applicable to any passenger who transits through the EU airports regardless of their destination.

The rules are related to the restriction on amount of liquids (or substances of similar consistency) that each passenger can carry in their hand luggage to pass the security checks inside the airport. Keep in mind that purchases made at airport stores, after passing security checks, are not subject to these regulations. To avoid unforeseen events we must consider the following:

  • They are considered liquids: gels, toothpastes, lotions, syrups, soups, perfumes, sprays, shaving foams, and the like.
  • All liquids must be in containers that do not exceed 100ml each (one liter in total) and they must be packed in a container. self closing plastic bag whose dimension does not exceed 20 × 20 cm. (If we have containers that exceed these measures, we must send them in the hold baggage).
  • They are out of this measure the food or medication that the passenger requires for their health while on board the plane (food in case the passenger is allergic, for babies, or medicines). Whether or not the medicines are used under a doctor’s prescription, it is recommended to have the proof of sale at hand in case it is requested at any of the security points.
  • If you go to take a trip with connection in the EU keep in mind that airport security will only allow in your hand luggage Products that are properly packaged in a sealed plastic bag that has the purchase receipt attached. Any other product purchased at an airport that does not belong to the EU will be confiscated at the airport security points.
  • Remember that these measures are applied to increase the safety of all passengers and, therefore, if you cannot place all the liquids you wish to carry in your baggage, it is important that you comply with all the aforementioned security measures.

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