Lisbon Zoo

The Lisbon Zoo was the first of the Iberian Peninsula at the idea of ​​the doctors Pedro van der Laan Y JosΓ© Thomaz Sousa Martins.

Lisbon zoo aquarium

In this park you will see more than 400 species of animals, This is how you will learn more about each of them and in turn you will have fun as a family.

Lisbon zoo elephants

You even have the option of being able to take a picture with a zoo animal, such as a reptile, a bird or even a sea lion.

giraffe Lisbon zoo

And if you like animals so much, you can also help take care Sponsoring them. You only have to give a fee between 50 and 75 euros, for your food and care, that way you will be helping a lot and in turn you will have many advantages at the Zoo.

Lisbon Lions Zoo

The Lisbon Zoological Park is located at 3 Km from the Airport. Their Schedule of attention are:
In the summer from 10am to 8pm and in the winter from 10am to 6pm.
Children under 2 years: Free.
Children from 3 to 11 years old: 8.50 euros.
Adults from 12 to 64 years: 11.50 euros.
From 65 years to more: 9.50 euros.
There are discounts with BesZoo, LisboaCard and Young card.

Presentation of the seals in the aquarium of the Lisbon Zoo.

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