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Live the adventure of exotic travel

A growing and fruitful branch of this industry is the “Exotic Tourism”, which offers exciting destinations to places considered as “dream”, With landscapes where you lose sight and live unique experiences…

Exotic Tourism

This and more is what we propose several travel agencies, which with the arrival of a new season, start now to publish their first offers.

Here are some proposals:

– Discover one of the ancient wonders of the modern world, the amazing “Taj Mahal”, Jewel of North India, and also the architect of a love story, which saw that you will make it a beautiful eclipse of the sun that comes from the famous Ganges.

Offer: 16 consecutive days, from € 1,150

– A vast legacy of indigenous history, where the Aztec culture dominated for decades the only life that can now be seen in the legendary ruins of Mexico, magnificent architectural works that are accompanied by exotic summer beaches.

Offer: 9 consecutive days, from € 1,420

Taj Mahal's picture

– For the most adventurous and definitely for all those who dream of knowing a most exotic destination, we recommend following the famous “Route of the Eskimos”, Road to Greenland. Also a latent alternative to escape the heat of this summer!

Offer: 8 consecutive days, from € 1,980

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