Lodging in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas, is classified as one of the most visited tourist destinations at all times of the year, by millions of tourists looking to find in it, an opportunity to experience, enjoy and discover, the captivating and intriguing beauty of the “City of Light

Lodging in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, is a city completely focused on the exploitation of tourism, so much of its wonders are reflected in the endless casinos and impressive hotels, such as the famous “Hotel Casino Paris“, An exact and quite exquisite replica of the French capital, whose interior evokes a totally Parisian air, following the same line of thematic hotels, is the”Venetian Hotel”, Which, as its name says, evokes a totally Venetian atmosphere, something fascinating of the Venetian Hotel, are the various channels in which beautiful and classic gondolas pass, with their respective gondoliers, dressed in their respective galas, impressive also if you have Keep in mind that these channels are in the middle of the desert!

Hotel photos Casino Paris

If you are looking for Lodging in Las Vegas, Viajesjet recommends that you avoid Saturday night at all costs, as it is one of the most expensive.

Hotel Venetian Photo

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