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London Museums

To visit London, in England, is to enter the history of an empire. From medieval streets to beautiful modern buildings. Here is a list of the main museums that you can visit during your stay:

London Museum: Since 1976 this museum houses information about the city since pre-Hispanic times.


Madame Tussauds Museum: One of the most famous museums in London. In it we can find the wax figures with varied motives, such as political, scientific and artistic.

Victoria and Albert Museum: In honor of Queen Victoria and her husband Alberto. In this museum you will find approximately 4,000,000 pieces of decorative arts.


Sherlock Holmes Museum: If you are admirers of Sherlcok Holmes’s novels, you should visit this museum. Just opened in 1990, it is located at number 221 B of Baker Street, where the novel takes place.

London transport museum: One way to learn about the History of London through the evolution of the transport in the city of London.


The Royal Mews: Located within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, formerly it was the Royal stables, today they show you some of the most impressive royal floats in London.

golden carriage

The Wallace Collection: Museum that keeps the best private art collections in the world. Admission is free.

The Cutty Sark: In 1857, this sailboat, which traveled the tea route during the 19th century, was opened as a museum. Now restoration work is done.


British museum: It is the most visited in London. In it you can find precious pieces and collections of universal history, such as the Rosetta stone, among others.

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