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London universities

London it’s not just one of the cities with the most tourist attractions, but, also, is the cradle of intellectual development, concentrating a series of prestigious universities recognized internationally.

London It has a wide variety of universities that are currently included in the Top ranking of the best universities from around the world, a remarkable achievement that has been the product of intellectual and cultural development of its inhabitants. In total, we are talking about more than 40 educational institutions of superior grade for a student population that exceeds the surprising 400,000 students (not to mention foreign universities that also have a branch in London).

If you are thinking of performing University, postgraduate or research studies in London, here is a list of the main London universities:

• University of London (Federal University of London). It is the third oldest university in the United Kingdom and is recognized for having state-of-the-art technology with the best specializations in postgraduate high schools.

• University of Greenwich. The history of this university dates from the late nineteenth century, being recognized since its foundation for its areas dedicated to research. Among his former students he has Nobel Prize winners, renowned playwrights, artists, politicians, athletes, including: Charles K. Kao, Natasha Bedingfield, Malorie Blackman, Dr. Campbell Christie, Sarah Gillespie, Gareth Hale, Brian Jacks, Baron Marsh, etc.

• Kingston University. Located in the south of London, Kingston University was founded in 1899 and has seven faculties that stand out for their research studies, especially in humanities.

• The London College of Printing or London College of Communication. This University specializes in design and media, excelling its journalism and graphic design specialties.

• London Business School. The London Business School specializes in postgraduate degrees in finance and business management. This school has international recognition having students from more than seventy countries and more than thirty thousand former students currently working in more than one hundred countries.

• Wimbledon School of Art. Founded in 1890, the Wimbledon School of Art is one of the most important art institutions in Europe. This school is divided into three specialties: Theater, Fine Arts, and Arts in general.

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