Luggage on the AVE: suitcases allowed

If you are traveling on a Spanish High Speed ​​Train (AVE) you should be clear about what luggage you can carry and what its size should be. In this article, we tell you about the maximum luggage allowed, as well as the security controls that must be passed and the prohibited objects.

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.

General conditions

With our AVE ticket we are allowed to carry hand luggage, but there is a luggage limit of up to three packages. In total, this equipment must weigh a maximum of 25 kg and cannot occupy more than 290 cm.

The largest suitcase will have to have a maximum size of 85 x 55 x 35 cm. Also, hand luggage also includes chairs, folded baby carriers, musical instruments in a case up to 30 x 120 x 38 cm and bicycles folded or disassembled in a case up to 180 cm in total.

Apart from these conditions, you may have a special luggage, which can be a golf bag, a ski bag or bicycles (if the dimensions are larger than those of hand luggage and up to 120 x 90 x 40 cm).

If you are going to carry this special equipment, you will only be allowed to carry a single bag of hand luggage up to 55 x 35 x 25 cm. Otherwise, it will be considered that you carry excess baggage.

On the other hand, Renfe has a service called Door to Door Luggage. If you hire it, they pick up your luggage and take it wherever you want, as long as it is within the municipalities of the provinces of origin or destination of your trip, or adjoining. In addition, you must have an AVE ticket.

This service transports a maximum of three packages, whether normal or special. Each one can weigh up to 25 kg and, with the exception of skis, they cannot exceed 250 cm in total. The maximum date to request it is two days before the train leaves (must be requested before 12 noon), and changes can be made up to twelve hours before.

When collecting luggage, they can do it between four and one day before the train leaves, although there is no service on Sundays and holidays. The price varies between € 20 and € 26 and is requested from the official Renfe website, which you can access by clicking in this link.

As for the petsIn the AVE dogs, cats, ferrets and small birds with a maximum weight of 10 kg are allowed. They can travel as long as they do not bother the rest of the passengers and go in a cage or carrier 60 x 35 x 35 cm at the feet of the owner. An additional ticket has to be paid and only one animal is allowed per person.

Security control

To get on the AVE you have to go through an access control in which you have to show your train ticket and pass the bags through a scanner. In this way they guarantee the safety of the passengers.

The scanner will ensure that people do not carry any of these in their luggage prohibited items:

  • Firearms without a license and membership guide
  • Cane-rapier, knives, knives, daggers, white weapons
  • Cartridges
  • Sharp objects, with edges, blunt or dangerous
  • Paint ball guns
  • Explosive, flammable, chemical or toxic substances

In this control the suitcases are not weighed and there is no limitation as regards liquids. Once inside the train, Renfe is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged luggage that may be suffered due to poor luggage placement.

User Questions

Where does the luggage go on the train? Do you store your luggage somewhere?

In the AVE there is space in the areas close to each car to leave the larger suitcases, as well as shelves above the smaller luggage seats. It is the passenger in charge of placing their luggage.

Can luggage be checked in the AVE?

No, in the AVE there is no such option, only those mentioned above as special luggage or the Door-to-Door Baggage service.

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