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Luxembourg tour guide

Luxembourg It is a tourist destination known as the city of towers and fairy tales, for those who have walked its streets, not in vain the historical center of this country of Western Europe is recognized as Heritage of humanity by unesco.

How to get

To know the Luxembourg tourist attractions we can do it using international transport since the Findel International Airport It is located less than fifteen kilometers from the city.

How to mobilize

Here we can mobilize only using a Map and making use of land transport lines such as Luxembourg bus lines (we will also have taxi and car rental services).


If we have Luxembourg as our next travel destination it is important to know that in this destination we can use euros so the currency exchange will not be a problem.


In this destination the same social conventions apply to most European countries, so the issue of customs will not be an obstacle to communicate. If we travel to this destination in summer we will find a weather fresh with an average of 17 degrees Celsius, while in winter the average is zero degrees Celsius.


Finally, it is important to note the importance of Luxembourg’s cuisine, since being a country located in the center of Europe, it has the influence of diverse cultures such as Celtic, Spanish, German, Roman, Italian and English.

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