Luxury cruises

Traveling on a cruise ship is a luxury in itself, but there are others that have the most luxurious and sophisticated, making the distinction.

luxury cruises sailing

Crystal Cruises Your cruises are considered 5 stars For its exclusivity. It has a casino, with more than 200 varieties of wine in its cellar, with piano, computer and golf lessons, film presentation. The cabins have a private balcony, living room, dining room, jacuzzi, telephone, internet and butler service, in addition to furniture.

luxury cruises sailing

Bora Bora Cruises. They have a capacity of 86 passengers. Who will enjoy the personality of each ship, for the artistic form with which it was built. Each cabin has fine finishes, including furniture. It also has places of distraction such as the gym, library, shops, laundry.

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Cunard One of its characteristics is that the suites of the Queen Mary 2, are two stories. On the first floor is the living room, the dining room, a bathroom and a private balcony. On the second floor are the bedrooms and two bathrooms. And the cruise capacity exceeds 2 thousand passengers.

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Hapag Lloyd Cruises. Within its fleet it has the icebreaker cruises, They are ready for adventure, thinking about the difficulty of the tour, but with total security.
It has penthouses, suites and cabins, according to the passenger’s choice.

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