Luxury holidays in the Swiss Alps

All those who seek to get away from the tropics for these vacations in search of landscapes that remember fairy tales mired in white horizons, then yours is to enjoy some Luxury holidays in the Swiss Alps!

Trip to St. Moritz

Versiontravel recommends you to travel to the historic and beautiful Switzerland, the city of the most luxurious and most accurate watches in the world, the exquisite chocolate and of course the land of the most beautiful landscapes on the entire planet. Traveling in the direction of the famous Swiss Alps, you will find the palace of “Badrutt”A symbol of high wealth, luxury and historic imperial succession dating from the year 1896, the hotel is a celebration of wealth, style, vivid sports and fashion center in one!

Hotel in St Moritz

The luxurious Hotel is ideal during any season in which you wish to visit it, as it has a water heating system, recycling water from the beautiful blue lake of San Moritz, which heats every square centimeter. In addition, the hotel offers a Luxury Vacation package in the Swiss Alps called “Go Green in St. Moritz”Which consists of a three-night stay for two people in a luxury room at the top of the hotel to enjoy the scenery, horse-drawn cart trips to the beautiful Roseg Glacier, a tour of Lake San Moritz!

The Lake of St. Moritz

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