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Luxury travel: Experience in a private submarine

If we have an economy that allows us to make luxury trips and we have some next destination paradisiacal place of the Caribbean like Aruba, we can hire a private submarine As the C-Quester, the same that will take us to travel to the bottom of the sea at a depth of one hundred meters.

C-Quester it is a submarine developed by the U-Boat Worx company and that is characterized by being a small boat It can accommodate a maximum of four people. This private submarine is made of polyester with steel layers and the boats are customizable with the devices and accessories that we request; In addition, C-Quester has a lithium battery that will give us a six-hour immersion.

For drive a C-Quester We will have to follow a training course to obtain a certificate that allows us to safely steer the boat. This course is similar to the one followed to drive yachts.

The price of this service It is not available on the internet, as expected, but we can request more information on the website

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