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Luxury travel: Space tourism

The spacial tourism, also referred to as the new era of commercial space travel, They are fancy for the theme of exclusivity. All those fans of space movies and science fiction will not have to wait long before they can embark on a trip where they can experience weightlessness as there are companies like Virgin Galactic looking to provide a dream galactic vacation.

This company started selling a few years ago the first travel tickets for space flights and currently it records more than four hundred tickets sold at an average of two hundred thousand US dollars each (150 thousand euros).

The trip will include a series of orbital subflights before we reach the mothership. In addition, the company is already developing a concept to build a luxury hotel in space and there are several companies that are seeing space tourism as the next gold mine since NASA has left a void by no longer providing the service of ferry ride.

Another important offer in space flights is that made by James Murray, who hopes to have his suborbital flight program ready before the end of 2017. In this case, the company will have its own mini-shuttle that can take off from anywhere in the world ( although, Murray hopes to receive the necessary permits so that his main bases are in Europe).

The price of the service that will allow us to experience weightlessness for about six minutes and then observe the earth at a hundred kilometers altitude will be the same as the Virgin Galactic service.

The spacial tourism It is undoubtedly a luxury trip but considering that exploring space is something that has always captivated the human race, it is not surprising that reserved flights will already exceed 600 reservations, and, if Virgin Galactic meets your deadlines, the first flight will be made for Christmas 2013.

If our economic availability is a little less comfortable, we can opt for the services offered by the company Space adventures, which offers flight tickets for 84 thousand euros and will begin operations in 2014. Currently, it already has more than 250 reservations.

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