Madrid Spas

Before the Civil War, Madrid It had a great offer dedicated to health tourism with hot springs. Over time, especially after the war, these establishments disappeared. Even more so when tourism later took root in coastal areas, the decline in these places was greater. Currently, there are projects to rescue old spas in the Community of Madrid.

Madrid Spas

Today Spain is experiencing a large increase in thermal tourism The offer is making its way quickly with small spas, cheap and the most luxurious and refined. It is a search wave of Health, beauty and relaxation. Therefore, some hotels have been incorporating these types of services based on the hydrotherapy.

Spas Madrid relax

The urban spas They are the option that is growing due to its proximity to the work centers and the house itself. However, they do not have the same charm as a natural spa where their waters flow from springs or fountains and have their own qualities.

Spas Madrid landscape

A spa is enjoyed in a different way in a natural environment, where you can contemplate the landscape, eat in rural areas and brighten the day visiting new places.

Balneario Relajarium, an urban spa in the heart of Madrid.

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