Madrid Warner Park

The Warner Park Madrid (formerly known as Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid and Warner Bros. Park Madrid) opened on April 6, 2002 and under the slogan A world of film! It offers us a theme park full of adventure, fun and fantasy.

The park is divided into five thematic areas:

Hollywood Boulevard. Main park avenue that will be part of all the glamor of Hollywood. Here we will find typical decorations from the United States in the 60s and 70s, highlighting the replicas of the Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame.

DC Superheroes World. Park area dedicated to Warner Brothers superheroes. The Superman Metropolis, the skyscraper of the Daily Planet newspaper and Gotham City stand out, buildings characteristic of the adventures of Batman and Superman.

Movie world studios. In this area we will find recreations of Hollywood production studios, typical New York neighborhoods, Beverly Hills, and others. The recreations are so realistic that road signs, gas stations, crosswalks and other details of the streets of the United States have been included.

Old West Territory. Area intended to recreate popular western movies. Wooden facades and streets set in San Antonio, Tucson and El Paso await us. This area stands out for its skill games and horse carts.

Cartoon villaje. Area for the little ones of the house to be dedicated to the adorable Looney Tunes. Highlights the Bugs Bunny burrow and the Tweety house.

Among the recommended attractions to enjoy as a family we find:

Batman – The Shadow of the Bat. We can enter the mansion of Bruce Wayne and, we will fight with Batman against evil villains like Mr. Freeze and Joker, who seek to end the tranquility of Gotham City.

Yogui bear. We will enjoy the snow in Jellystone Park and, we travel together with Yogi and Boo Boo to Polynesia to enjoy the beaches and demonstrate our aim with the water guns.

MR chairs. FREEZE. In Gotham City nothing is what it seems and these chairs will not be the exception. The flying chairs will spin at high speed and with them we will escape the attacks of Mr. Freeze and his freezer shot.

Wild falls. In the wild west we can enjoy an eleven-meter slide (recommended to have a raincoat) on a route over 220 meters.

Acme Rapids. Water attraction that exceeds 400 meters and will offer us more than six minutes of fun. After touring the ACME Factory we will be chased by the terrible Tasmanian Devil and we will have to flee using life rafts that will take us through some impressive rapids.

If we want to eat or buy souvenirs from the park we have: Classic cartoon, shop where we can buy souvenirs with Looney Tunes motifs; Roadrunner shop Bip Bip, where we will find a great variety of goodies and we will be able to collect the photograph of the roller coaster ride of the Roadrunner; Newsstand Cartoon, popular for their hot dogs; Cow and Chicken Ice Cream, ideal for eating ice cream in an environment dedicated to drawing the same name; Cartoon coffee, recommended for lunch pasta, salads, and others; Y, Porky Pig Dinner, a place that stands out for its hot dogs and hamburgers.

The recommended attractions for the little ones are:

Space Rocket (Cartoon Village area). Marvin the Martian will take us around the world using his space rockets, in addition, we can know his planet.

The Crazy Cars (Cartoon Village area). The little ones can drive funny bumper cars inside the Lucas Duck workshop.

Acme Park (Cartoon Village area). Exclusive game for children where they can slide down slides, climb platforms, and share with other children. It is mandatory to wear socks.

Tom and Jerry Roller Coaster. With more than 350 meters of travel, the Roller Coaster of Tom and Jerry takes us at a maximum speed of 36 kilometers and will make us feel within an episode of this popular cartoon.

The price of tickets varies depending on whether they are individual – people measuring more than 1.20 centimeters – (€ 38.5), Junior –People measuring less than 1.20 centimeters (€ 29.5), Senior –People over 60 years old- (€ 25.5) and, disabled people They have a special rate of € 19.5. In addition for large families there are discounts of 20 percent in the Individual and Junior categories (to access the discounts you must present the Large Family Card).

The Warner Bros Park in Madrid It has additional fees for: Late Ticket (after 4pm) with an average of € 20, Night Ticket (after 20:00 hours) with an average of € 15 and, Warner Nights Tickets (after 10 pm) with a generic price of € 10. Until December 30, 2010 we can access the promotion “2nd day free” where we will be allowed to enter the park for two consecutive days with only one entry (only one entry per day).

If we buy our tickets online we will receive a € 4 discount on the list price. For more information we can visit the Warner Park website.

Located on Highway M-301 km 15,500, at Warner Bros Park in Madrid We can arrive by car, bus or train. By car we will only have to follow the signs that we will find at Exit 22 of the A4 road (we can also arrive by taking the M-30 and the M-506); by bus we will have to take the line 412 of «La Veloz» in the Villaverde Bajo interchange; and, by train, we can take the C3 line to Aranjuez in Atocha and after having changed at the Pinto Station, get off at the Leisure Park Station. If we arrive in our own transport we must take into account that we must pay a parking of € 8 per car and € 5 per motorcycle.

The Warner Bros Park in Madrid awaits us from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (summer) and from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (winter).

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