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Malaga Carnival

As every year, the population of Malaga dresses their best clothes to receive the arrival of one of their most important festivities in all of Spain, the famous “Malaga Carnival”.

Carnival party

Carnival party

We are just a few days away from starting this impressive celebration, so several details of what this party holds for you have already been released. So if you want to attend this month, then we leave you with the occasional itinerary for the Carnival of Malaga:

TUESDAY 01/27/09

20:30 Murga This year the thing smells bad Marbella (Málaga)
21:00 Comparsa The Storytelling Loja (Granada)
21:30 Murga Los Impresentables Málaga


22:30 Comparsa Goddess Valiglia BenamejĂ­ (CĂłrdoba)
23:00 Murga Los Superdotados Loja (Granada)
23:30 Comparsa La Victoria Málaga
00:00 Murga Current People Malaga

WEDNESDAY 01/28/09

20:30 Murga Up See you Malaga
21:00 Murga The Carnival already has Cura Málaga
9:30 PM Murga Don’t Arrive That I Sing You Campillos (Málaga)


22:30 Murga Those who smoke in the Balcón Ronda (Málaga)
23:00 Murga Passing a Kilo Malaga
23:30 Comparsa Febrerillo, Loco Málaga

MONDAY 02/02/09

20:30 Murga We Have It Raw Loja (Granada)
21:00 Murga The Transformers Malaga
21:30 Comparsa Las Furias Ronda (Málaga)
22:00 Murga El Cavar goes to Finish Malaga


23:00 Comparsa A Flor de Piel Ronda (Málaga)
23:30 Murga The Bicycle Alh. The Great (Malaga)
00:00 Comparsa The Club of the Canallas Málaga
00:30 Murga If You Pay Me I Teach You Marbella (Málaga)

TUESDAY 03/02/09

20:30 Comparsa Los Cuatro Barrios Málaga
21:00 Murga Therapy Malaga
21:30 Murga Los Imbatidos de Chocolate Ronda (Málaga)
22:00 Murga I left the INEM to be in Malaga


23:00 Comparsa La Esclava Marbella (Málaga)
23:30 Murga Los Inseparables Málaga
00:00 Murga Los CĂ­tricos Malaga
00:30 Comparsa The Fifth Commandment Alcalá del Valle (Cádiz)

WEDNESDAY 04/02/09

20:30 Murga Infantil Qué Pillos with the Málaga Brush
21:00 Murga The Stockbrokers Torremolinos (Málaga)
21:30 Comparsa The Revolution Alh. The Great (Malaga)
22:00 Murga Ni Weather Malaga
22:30 Comparsa The Squadron of the Round Sea (Malaga)


23:30 Murga Feriantes del Caribe Estepona (Málaga)
00:00 Comparsa Don Carnal Málaga
00:30 Murga This Murga does understand Malaga
01:00 Comparsa La Culpa Ronda (Málaga)

THURSDAY 05/02/09

20:30 Comparsa La Ciega Arr. Honey (Ma)
9:00 PM Murga Los Superolvidaos Estepona (Málaga)
21:30 Murga This Murga Promises Malaga
22:00 Comparsa The Account of the Truths Marbella (Málaga)


23:00 Murga Los Calculines Rincón Vic. (Málaga)
23:30 Murga If I Have Seen You I Don’t Remember Malaga
00:00 Comparsa The Homeland of Freedoms Alh, El Grande (Málaga)
00:30 Comparsa The Courier of Tsar Ronda (Malaga)

Above you have the Official Anthem of the Carnival of Malaga so that you know it and enjoy it.

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