Mall in Caracas

The capital of Venezuela, is one of the shopping destinations of many European tourists. The reason? Their malls Very complete and beauty undoubtedly of his women.

caracas san ignacio shopping center

For the first here we give you a complete list of the best in shopping centers in Caracas:

San Ignacio Shopping Center: One of the most exclusive places in the capital. In the center we can find the Avila Park, varied shops of opa, and services for visitors such as hairdressers, beauty salons, banks, and others. You locate it on Av. Blandin in the Chacao neighborhood.

mall caracas sambil

Fashion Mall Tolon: This shopping center has the CINEX TolΓ³n Cinematographic Complex which has seven cinemas. This very contemporary space has an exclusive restaurant area that you cannot miss. To look for it between Av. Principal and Av. Copernico in Las Mercedes.

mall caracas millenium

Sambil Center: Perhaps the most popular of the mall of Caracas. This mall is not only the largest in the city, but also the largest mall in Latin America. Many shops, cinemas, restaurants. All in excess. It is located in the Chaco neighborhood.

Lido Center: Also in the municipality of Chacao. Its 5 levels offer us everything.

mall caracas

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