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Manneken Pis – Brussels

The Manneken Pis It is a small bronze statue that is part of a water fountain. It is located near the Main Square of Brussels. The statuette of about 50 centimeters is a naked child who urinates inside the fountain. It is said that first it was a stone statue and then it was replaced by a bronze one.

The statue was made in honor of a boy named Juliaanske. Legend has it that when the boy urinated he could extinguish the fuse of an explosive that, when detonated, would break down the city walls.

Manneken Pis

This little statue has been stolen many times, now we can only see one replica in the place. This statue has a female version, the Jeanneken Pis that is a girl also naked who is in squatting urine. To see it you must walk a distance approximately equal to that found in the Manneken Pis of the Main Square of Brussels.

Jenneken Pis

There is a very curious tradition, which was imposed when Emperor Maximilian Emmanuel gave a robe to the statue. Thus, since 1698, this statue is dressed on special occasions. He has already worn more than 700 dresses, which are shown in the Ville Museum, in the Maison Du Roi.

Manneken Pis Disguised

It is a very famous statue in Belgium, and it is in::

Lievevrouwbroersstraat 31

If you find it difficult to find it, ask for its exact location in the Plaza Mayor.

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